Price 100
Duration 3h
Capacity 1 - 30

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About this adventure

This hands-on experience is perfect for families and individuals seeking an engaging and authentic immersion.

  • Minimum number for booking: 1
  • Dajak capacity: 3 persons per boat
  • Starting Point: Dajak Center (Google Map)
  • Price is per one person

Welcome to an immersive journey that not only guides you through the creation of a Dajak boat but also acquaints you with the local craftsmen who have honed this art form over generations. During this three-hour workshop, you’ll be engaged in every stage of the boat-building process – from sawing and hewing the boards to drilling and assembling the distinct parts, each step narrates a tale of detailed craftsmanship.

This hands-on experience offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from the craftsmen. They’ll share insights about the specific wood used in construction, the tools they’ve mastered, and the traditional methods they employ to construct the Dajak boats.

Delve into the artistry behind the Dajak boat, recognized for its distinctive design and its ability to smoothly navigate the swift currents of the Vrbas River. Not only will this experience offer a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship involved, but it also provides a personal connection to an integral part of Banjaluka’s cultural heritage.

After your immersive workshop, reward yourself with a gratifying ride on the Dajak boat you’ve participated in crafting. This unique experience will leave you with a profound sense of achievement and a deeper respect for this enduring local tradition.


Coupons are available for a 50% discount on bookings for children aged 6 to 12.

  • 2OFF100– Coupon code applicable for 1 child
  • 2OFF1002– Coupon code applicable for 2 children
  • 2OFF1003– Coupon code applicable for 3 children
  • 2OFF1004– Coupon code applicable for 4 children
  • 2OFF1005– Coupon code applicable for 5 children
  • Professional English-speaking Dajak Captain and local craftsman
  • All necessary crafting tools and materials
  • A rewarding Dajak boat ride
  • Liability Insurance
  • Waterproof Bags for Personal Belongings
  • Safety Equipment
  • Water or Soft Beverage
Point #1

Welcoming at the Dajak Center

Point #2

Introduction to the various materials and tools used in boat crafting

Point #3

Participation in the intricate crafting process of a Dajak boat

Point #4

A rewarding Dajak boat journey across the serene Vrbas River