About us

At Banja Luka Dajak Center, our mission is fueled by a profound love for nature, inspired by the majestic force of the Vrbas River.

Born from a desire to preserve the profound connection between the people of Banja Luka and their waterways, the Banja Luka Dajak Center takes this heritage to new heights.

Our center brings together Dajak boat enthusiasts and passionate rafting enthusiasts, uniting them in thrilling water sports competitions, exhilarating boat races, and unforgettable rafting adventures. Through our dedication and expertise, we have already established a remarkable track record of success.

While we may be one of the youngest centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our achievements speak volumes. From international competition triumphs to being recognized as the best sports team by the esteemed City of Banja Luka, we take immense pride in our numerous awards and accolades.

Driven by our unwavering passion for the water, we are eager to share our love with others. That’s why we offer a range of thrilling rafting tours that can be booked through our website. Join us on an unforgettable journey where you can experience the beauty and excitement of the Vrbas River firsthand.

About Dajak Boat

Dajak boats, with their distinctive charm and cultural significance, hold a special place in the heart of Banja Luka. These remarkable vessels are intricately crafted, fashioned from long-lasting wood and designed for the specific conditions of the fast-flowing river Vrbas. Every aspect of their construction reflects the skill and expertise passed down through generations, ensuring a sturdy and agile boat capable of navigating the challenging currents.

To the locals of Banja Luka, Dajak boats embody a deep connection to their heritage and the river that has been an integral part of their lives. These boats have served as a vital mode of transportation, carrying people and goods along the river’s winding path. Furthermore, Dajak boats have been a source of entertainment, offering thrilling rides and opportunities for friendly competitions on the water.         

Comparatively, just as Cambridge punts gently glide along peaceful rivers in England, and gondolas gracefully navigate the picturesque canals of Venice, Dajak boats have become iconic symbols of Banja Luka. They draw parallels in their significance to their respective communities, representing a unique and cherished aspect of local culture. While Cambridge punts reflect the tranquility of English river life, and gondolas embody the romantic allure of Venice, Dajak boats embody the adventurous spirit of Banja Luka, conquering the challenging currents of the Vrbas River.


  • Protect your skin with sunscreen and embrace the chance for refreshing splashes
  • Experience the adventure barefoot, connecting with nature and the sparkling Vrbas River
  • If needed, use the convenient changing rooms available on-site
  • Stay hydrated with the refreshing bottled water provided as part of the rides
  • Your Dajak Captain will make sure that you use the provided safety equipment
  • Keep your belongings safe and dry in the provided waterproof bags
  • Bring your radiant spirit, a smile, and a positive mood!

Dajak Center

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